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Books to Print

Carol Twombly - Adobe Font Designer - Magazine Article

- 4 page layout

Adobe Photoshop (Image manipulation of photo images and material content and layout in Adobe Illustrator











Rod Serling “ A Passage for Trumpet”

Book Cover Jacket
layout design

Adobe Photoshop and
Adobe InDesign






Incomplete Manifesto” by Bruce Mau

32 page Adobe Illustrator layout

Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator- combining photo images to match the Manifesto content of the script












Distilled Essence - Exhibit Catalog Brochure

Kiyo Higashi 1984 Exhibit of 15 honored modernism artists
revisited  at
The Frank Doyle Arts Pavilion, Costa Mesa, CA

Adobe InDesign layout for catalog, material content, and photo images of the artists





Sherlock Holmes - “A Case of Identity”

Adobe InDesign:  32 page Layout included my own hand drawn narrative illustration artworks and text (three images shown 

1. Graphic Collage of photo images w/guache 

2. Watercolor with added inserts of hand drawn images of characters from the story.

3. Watercolor illustration of the mysterious letters

Campfire Sing-a-long Coloring Book, Client: 
Irvine Parks & Recreation, Irvine, CA

Adobe Indesign: 36 page layout of songs & illustrations contributed from; various artists & from Carleen Carrasco.  
The three Ink illustrations (shown) are contribution artwork pieces, from Carleen Carrasco, who also was the Narrative Illustration Program's Graphic Designer












" The TreeHouse" 

Children's Book, by 

Cheryl Richardson 


 Watercolor Illustration/ Photoshop: 

3 Main internal pages illustrated from the children's book story

To see more illustrations,

Click on pencil icon below:

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