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After posting this image of my hand-painted note cards on Instagram, I was contacted by San Diego Voyager magazine for an interview published article in the online magazine. 

"My Life in Trees" Note Cards, have been published in an online series -article at SD Voyager Magazine: search: the art of Carleen Carrasco

There you can read an In-Depth Interview with Carleen Carrasco and SD Voyager Magazine, featured in another series article "Thought Provokers" at

Thought-Provokers series 



Note Cards:  After receiving so many compliments on my art, I created a series of acrylic and watercolor paintings and illustration designs, into printed blank note cards for sale. The blank note cards with envelopes are packaged and sold in sets of 6 cards & envelopes/ set. Each set is either of the same image or can be mixed in a variety set

If interested, please contact me at: , or call 714) 336-3257, for purchases of my artwork and other commission requests.


 Additional Illustrations created for

 greeting cards:

  1. Christmas Deer

  2.  Happy Birthday Giraffe

  3.  Easter Chicks

 More to come!

Widow's Cove of the Harbour Ministry

Calvary Chapel of the Harbour

Huntington Beach, CA


1. FaceBook Banner page

2. Digital Screen Announcement

3. Prayer Request Card

4. Bookmark - double sided

5. Flyer card

6. Questionnaire 

Client requested a watercolor texture appearance in the layout; which I hand painted both the background image and the logo.

The Logo design concept was open to my interpretation for the ministry theme. I used a heart shape to represent a "cove" for the name of the ministry and to express "love" instead of sorrow.


The final layout Graphic Design was created in Adobe InDesign.

 Healthzone Physical Therapy, Inc.  Newport Beach, CA

 Tri-Fold mailer brochure

 Adobe InDesign layout for print production    

The Gingerbread Cookies, Irvine, CA

Adobe Illustrator designing and pre-flight packaging and box dye / trim design

Lil Pickle Sandwiches,

Costa Mesa ,CA

Three Cup designs in celebration of company's anniversary

Adobe Illustrator 

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