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SIE- Logos for 3 Food Stations.png
SIE -8.5x11 Allergens Key Cafe Poster.png

Food, Beverage, & Hospitality

Branding Logo Designs:
for three Food Stations within Client's Cafeteria

Allergen Key Flyer:
Posted in Cafeteria

Digital Monitor Screens:
Four Sample Menu Templates for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinners served to Client's Employees in the cafeteria. 
Font Styles changed per Region of Food served daily.

SIE Culinary Management - Daily Menu Planning: Each day the chief would pull up the menu templates planned per Region and edit the Titles to replace the placeholders of "Protein, Starch & Vegetable". Then it would be displayed on the digital monitor screens in the cafe for the client's employees to order.

SIE -Breakfast Digital Screen Menu Template.png
CCarrasco-SIE Breakfast Digital Screen Template.png
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