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Adobe Photoshop



Concept Design of a Street Skateboard skater shown as a surfer on a wave to 

"Live the Dream"


Photoshop layers process to create this Mech Machine:

From hand drawn sketch
to ink layout presentation & final 
Photoshop texture layers and digital painting to create a science-fiction scene

Before: (Right photo)

building wood-siding material

After: (Left photo)

Science Fiction Future Environment Wallscape 

Photoshop layers - adding textures to building siding material; with digital image manipulation & digital rendering

Before: (Left Photo)

Photographs of natural plant material and patterned paper mirrored


Science Fiction Alien - created from natural plant materials and patterned paper, images were modified in

Adobe Photoshop - layered with image manipulation & digital painting / rendering

Before: (left photo)

WorldCraft Video Game Hand Prop Design, hand rendered drawing of Illustration markers & pastels

After: (right photo)

Photographed & placed in Adobe Photoshop - with textured layers of image manipulation & digital rendering: creating background textured effects 

Cole Cobson, Physcial Therapist - 

Multiplicity Physical Therapy poster

One therapist photographed as (8) Individual therapists, 
trainers & clients (either being trained or receiving physical therapy treatments); combined 

into the one main scene.

Adobe Photoshop - image manipulation of eight different photographs into one main space and moment in time.

"Passion for Trumpet" by Rod Serling Book

Jacket cover-
Adobe Photoshop - 
image manipulation of several photo images to illustrate the Rod Serling famous story 

Before: Various images selected to create a book cover for "Passion for Trumpet" by Rod Serling, short stories from the Twilight Zone TV show.

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